Social performance going down? Not for everyone

Social performance - Average Reach VS Best Reach

Our research on 10,000 social accounts shows that there are still some brands performing really really well.

They manage to get their content seen by up to 8 times more people than the other companies, with no advertising budget.

Want to know their secret sauce?

Yes, you can still make your content get noticed among the noise. Here’s how.

A/B test your messages before publication


Fastest growing media sites like Buzzfeed or Upworthy have learned that a good headline can be the difference between 1,000 or 1,000,000 people reading or viewing a story.

When it tests headlines, Upworthy sees a 20 percent, 50 percent, and even 500 percent difference between headlines for the same story.

With Wisemetrics, you now have access to the same powerful predictive testing technologies used by these media behemoths.

Wisemetrics MVT screenshot

Repeat your messages


The New York Times or Guy Kawasaki repeat their tweets because it significantly increases their performance.

A recent research proves it can increase clicks by 300%.

If a Facebook post has a low fan reach, repeating it will overlap 1st publication by only 30%.

Thanks to Wisemetrics’ auto flow feature, it’s very easy and fast to repeat your social messages with the right cadence.

Optimize your timing


Half-life of your tweet is 24 minutes and half-life of your Facebook post is 90 minutes only.

Thus posting in the morning or in the afternoon, on sundays rather than on tuesdays may make a huge difference.

Wisemetrics’ auto-scheduling feature uses advanced algorithms to find that the best time for you may be on Sunday… Even if you’ve never posted on this day before.

Discover Wisemetrics

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Wisemetrics removes the guesswork from social publishing by applying machine-learning algorithms to reduce your workload and increase your performance

  • Predictions

    Enter your message and Wisemetrics will predict the performance you can expect to achieve with it.

  • A/B testing

    Input your headlines, texts, pictures… Wisemetrics will generate all the variations and predict the winner.

  • Auto flow

    Enter the URL to be promoted and Wisemetrics will produce all the messages, pre-filled and scheduled at the best time.

  • Auto scheduling

    Based on your message’s type and objective, Wisemetrics will schedule it at the best time to increase its performance.

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